Wellness is the New Luxury

Spiritualty is in the air in India. Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda are given to the world by India. Though these sciences were born and flourished in India, there has been a continuous journey of evolution in these sciences. Many Yogis and Maestros, with the help of their continuous study, practices and holistic approach, added new techniques and therapies for the total wellbeing of humans. Indian way of spirituality which believes in resurgence of positive energy also contributed to these sciences for total oneness – With Yourself and Nature. India, where Yoga, Mediation and Ayurveda are the way of living, is a complete journey of discovery for varied yet conscious lifestyle. Since the word started looking at these sciences for calm, peace and serenity in life through holistic healings, many luxurious wellness resorts and retreats started offering a complete research based and authentically designed treatments and therapies for complete rejuvenation of Body, Mind & Soul. Today, India is one of the most popular global destinations for wellness for luxury travelers seeking a holistic break. Luxurious Wellness Resorts & Retreats in India, nestled in unique settings of nature surrounded by mountains, holy rivers and back-waters, tranquility of jungles, combined with meditative and yogic approach to enhancement of positive energy, luxury spa offering research based traditional therapies, fine dining and ambience, offer unforgettable experiences for total wellbeing.

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